Eddie Van Halen Gear & Equipment (2017)

Artist:Eddie Van Halen
Associated act(s):Van Halen
Date published:5 January 2017


EVHWolfgang USAVintage White$3000


EVH 5150 IIIS 100W Head3$2200
EVH 5150 IIIS 4x12 Cabinet3$1000

Pedals & Effects

FX UnitPurposePrice
MXR EVH90 Phase 90Phaser$130
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature WahWah effect$170
MXR EVH117 FlangerFlanger$190
Boss OC-3 Super OctaveOctaver$130
Boss CE-5 Chorus EnsembleChorus$100
Roland SDE-3000Stereo delayN/A


G-Lab GLA-PB-1 Power SupplyPedalboard power$300
EVH Premium Guitar StringsElectric guitar$10
EVH Premium Instrument CableElectric guitar$30
Dunlop EVHPT02 PicksElectric guitar$15
EVH D-TunaDrop D$40
EVH Premium Leather StrapElectric guitar$45
EVH Stripe Series Guitar CaseElectric guitar$180

Eddie Van Halen uses a wet/dry/wet configuration, with a Roland SDE-3000 delay unit as a post stereo split. Much of the gear you will find in Eddie Van Halen’s rig is developed himself under the brand name EVH. One of Eddie’s notable achievements is his custom Wolfgang guitar, developed over the span of about 30 years and incorporates all he has learned throughout his career. Eddie is very meticulous about his guitar rig, and approaches it like a finely tuned racing car.

EVH 5150 III Stealth Amplifier
In the video below, Eddie demos his latest amplifier: the EVH 5150 III Stealth.
EVH 5150 Micro Amplifier
If your budget doesn’t allow for a 5150IIIS just yet, why not pick up Eddies signature micro version for only $50?
MXR EVH Flanger & Phase 90
The MXR EVH Phase 90 and Flanger are 2 of Eddie’s most popular signature releases.
Dean Hailstone

Dean Hailstone

Dean is a professional guitar player, recording artist and touring musician. He has over 20 years of playing experience, and has performed hundreds of live gigs during his career. Read more...


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