Review: Hercules GS402BB Guitar Stand

Hercules Stands are one of the worlds leading instrument stand manufacturers. They produce quality stands for guitar, keyboards, microphones and much more. You may have come across their patented auto-grab system in some of their more costly stands, which is a unique feature that automatically protects your guitar from accidental falls.

People rave about Hercules Stands in online communities for the simple reason that they are high quality and built to last. Well known touring artists have incorporated Hercules products into their inventory list, including Megadeth, Dave Matthews Band, Albert Lee, Braid Paisley and more.


In this review we will be looking at the GS402BB model, which is one of Hercules most compact stands. It folds into a mere 11.2” x 3.9”, making storage a breeze. I find this stand so small and lightweight that I don’t even bother to fold it up when transporting it. It also weighs a mere 2 lbs. This model does not include the auto-grab system due to its size.

The GS402BB is not the cheapest stand on the market ($39 from Amazon), however the quality is definitely superior to many stands out there. Chances are you’ve spent a lot of money on your instrument, so I’m of the opinion that a quality stand is a must. If you’re a gigging musician then a guitar stand is a requirement. This will help avoid damage to your guitar, especially bumps and scratches that may occur from leaning your guitar up against a wall or other object.

HerculesStand1The Pros

  • Works with both guitar and bass guitars;
  • Sturdy, no chance of falling over;
  • Extremely small, compact and lightweight;
  • Includes a carrying bag;
  • Very durable – built like a tank with no plastic parts.

The Cons

  • Not the cheapest stand on the market;
  • The piece of rubber that the supports the instrument came loose on my particular stand. Not a big issue, however, as I simply taped it back in place;
  • It takes a while to fold the stand up.


Final Verdict

The Hercules GS402BB is my current stand of choice. I take it along to all my gigs and have never had a problem with it. I’ve had little success with cheaper stands, especially those made from plastic. To date, the GS402BB is my favorite stand simply because of its size and sturdiness.

If you require more, be sure to check out some of Hercules other products. They also manufacture stands that can support more than 1 guitar. Also, be sure to check out their auto-grab system. Personally I prefer the GS402BB to the stands with the auto-grab feature because I feel it’s quicker to use.

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Dean Hailstone

Dean Hailstone

Dean is a professional guitar player, recording artist and touring musician. He has over 20 years of playing experience, and has performed hundreds of live gigs during his career. Read more...



    • Hey Rob, thanks for the feedback. Personally I haven’t experienced this issue, however I can understand your complaint considering this stand is entry-level, and probably won’t provide the same comfort as more expensive stands.

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