How to Dress If You’re a Guitar Player

Image is arguably just as important as the music you’re playing. Thus every guitar player should put in some effort to make sure they fit the profile of a performing musician. If a musician takes the time and effort to make themselves look great, it definitely has a positive effect on the audience and it won’t go unnoticed. Sometimes this effect may even be a sub-conscious thing, but nonetheless it’s still important. What you should aim for is to NOT blend in with the audience.

Keep in mind that it’s called “show business” for a good reason. People tend to listen with their eyes, so when you’re on stage you need to offer the complete package. If the overall look of a band on stage is good, it will speak volumes in terms of professionalism. This doesn’t mean that you need to be the greatest looking person in the world. Rather it means that you should be doing what’s necessary to look after your appearance. You may even find that you’re much more approachable if you’re wearing the right outfit.

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What to Wear

There are different clothes suited for different musicians. If you’re playing in a rock band, you may want to dress slightly differently than if you were a jazz pianist. I’ve found that the easiest way to get your clothes right is to copy your favorite musicians. At the same time, however, you should remain true to who you are. If the way Slash dresses really appeals to you, then by all means try and go for a look that’s similar.

Slash Clothes 1

Slash Clothes 2

Jack Black Clothes

Synyster Gates Clothes

Eddie Van Halen Clothes

Kirk Hammet Clothes

Steve Vai Clothes

Eric Clapton Clothes

Record a Video

The best way to make sure that you’re coming across on stage in the best way possible is to have an audience member record a few minutes of video. For this to work best, you’re going to need video of adequate quality. Therefore a cellphone recording may not be the best idea. Years ago when I did this for the first time I realized the potential of being able to see exactly where I needed to improve my stage presence. You may need to record videos from a couple of different shows as you may not get it right the first try.

Fashion Links

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