Joe Bonamassa’s Gear and Equipment (2015)

Artist:Joe Bonamassa
Date published:03 April 2015


Gibson Custom1959 Joe Bonamassa Les PaulSunburst$10,335
Gibson Memphis1961 ES-335SunburstN/A
Fender'58 TelecasterWhite BlondeN/A
Fender1963 StratocasterOlympic WhiteN/A


Fender Twin 1959 Tweed2N/A
Fender Bassman 19582N/A

Pedals & Effects

FX UnitPurposePrice
Way Huge Green Rhino (modified)Gain boost$130
Jim Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry BabyWah effect$170
TC Electronic SCFChorus / stereo split$250


Ernie Ball Cobalt .011 - .052 StringsGibson$10
Ernie Ball Cobalt .010 - .046 StringsFender$10
TC Electronic PolyTune 2Tuner$100
ClearSonic Acrylic Sound ShieldAmp isolationN/A
Sennheiser MD 421 II MicrophoneAmplifier$355
Lehle P-Split IIAmp linking$170
Klotz Joe Bonamassa Signature Guitar CableInstrument$45

Amp Settings


Joe Bonamassa’s live rig for 2015 incorporates the use of a variety of vintage gear, which can be difficult to obtain and is priced upwards of $10,000! His new rig is surprisingly smaller in comparison to what he’s been known to use in the past. From using dozens of pedals, he now only uses 2 or 3. Bonamassa now plugs his guitar directly into his amps without the use of any effects such as delay. He recently stated:

“It’s easy to chase your tall thinking you need a setup that’s as complicated as The Edge’s, but eventually you rediscover the beauty in plugging straight into an amp, with your only pedalboard being the knobs on your guitar.”

Bonamassas signature relic Les Paul 1959 burst is his main instrument.

Bonamassas signature relic Les Paul 1959 burst is his main instrument.

Bonamassas main rig consists of vintage Fender Tweed amplifiers

Bonamassas main rig consists of vintage Fender Tweed amplifiers.

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  1. Joe is playing more and more direct. Away from effects, too many cables and dance on pedalboard. Sounding straight into our souls. Well done, joe!

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