Slash’s Clothes – How to Dress Like Slash

Slash has one of the most recognizable rock looks of all time. It can make for a great Halloween costume, or can be used simply as a reference point for developing your own rock look. As for the guitar chops, you’re on your own with that one.

Slash’s image can be summed up as an 80’s metal look, incorporating a lot of leather, chains and tattoo’s. To round things off, his look is complemented with a Gibson Les Paul guitar, which he has been associated with throughout his entire career.

1. Top Hat

The top hat has to be one of the core elements of Slash’s appearance. If you don’t have the hair to go with it, you could always get your hands on a rocker wig.


2. Nose Ring

Don’t forget about the nose ring. A fake one will do just fine.


3. Shades

Sunglasses are another accessory that Slash wears with every outfit.

He reflects on why he started wearing shades:

“I think it was just a hangover thing that turns into an everyday thing. Now, wherever you go, everybody’s got camera phones, taking your picture, and you just end up never taking the shades off.”


4. Cigarette

No slash look is complete without a cigarette dangling from your mouth. If you’re dressing up for a special event, you may want to consider some fake cigarettes.


5. Leather

Slash wears an assortment of leather, which screams biker or 80’s metal.

You will need a leather biker jacket, as well as some tight leather pants. Underneath he wears a T-shirt.


6. Shirt & Denim

In addition to the leather, Slash is also often seen wearing a checked button-up shirt with a pair of skinny jeans.


7. Shoes

Slash wears either a pair of sneakers or black leather boots.


8. Jewellery

Slash likes to compliment his outfit with an assortment of jewellery. He almost always wears some form of a necklace. A chain, arm bracelet and finger ring is also in the inventory list. And don’t forget the tattoos. Of course it’s not recommended to get a permanent tattoo just so that you can look like Slash, however you may want to consider some fake ones.



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